In a video addressing fans, Legend of Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma, has announced that the series’ upcoming Wii U title will not see a 2015 release.

Aonuma states that since he announced that the game would be released this year during December’s Game Awards, the development team has discovered “new possibilities” for the game within the last three months.  In order to make the title all it can be, he has decided that a 2015 release is no longer a “priority” and instead has shifted focus to making the title “the ultimate and most complete Zelda game.”  Aonuma goes on to say that he hopes the added development time will help make a Zelda title on Wii U that rewards fans’ patience.  The entire statement can be found in the video below.


In a post on IGN, a Nintendo spokesperson has stated that a new launch window is still undecided and that there are no plans to show the title at this year’s E3 conference. The statement is as follows:

“As Mr. Aonuma announced, The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U is no longer targeted as a 2015 release. Rather than sticking to a specific schedule, the team wants to make this the most complete and the best game it can possibly be. The new launch timing has not yet been determined. Because we’d like to focus on developing the game, we aren’t planning on showing it at this year’s E3, where we will be highlighting games launching in 2015. We will let you know when we’re ready to share more specifics.” 

How do you feel about this delay? Do you welcome the longer wait in hopes of a better game? Voice your opinions below.

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