Regardless of your thoughts about the game as a whole, there can be no denying, The Order: 1886 is stunningly beautiful. And now the sketches and concept art that served as the building blocks to the graphical behemoth that is Ready at Dawn’s PS4 exclusive have been gathered together for your viewing pleasure.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, The Order’s art director, Nathan Phail-Liff, revealed the game’s leather bound, 260 page, art-book, entitled Blackwater Archives |The Art of The Order 1886. In the art-book you will find “a wide range of pieces to reflect all aspects of the game, covering characters, creatures, weapons, props, and environments, from the earliest conceptual sketches through final production art.” Explaining the process behind building the book, Phail-Liff added, “We tried to select pieces that were not only a stunning representation of the artistry behind The Order: 1886, but that also give people a deeper insight to the creative and artistic thought process that went into building characters, technology, and a world with its own cohesive sense of identity…”

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.08.13 PM

Though only announced and released on Amazon yesterday, at the time of this writing, the art-book has, staggeringly, already sold out. To be fair, it is unclear whether the shortage is due to a surprising lack of supply or a ridiculous amount of demand, but either way, Amazon is out of stock and Ready at Dawn has taken to twitter, promising more are on the way.

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In our review of The Order: 1886 we recognized that the game was beautiful, with an interesting world, but found the plot to have a few too many loose ends and thought a few of the fight mechanics were over-used near the end of the game.

For those looking for the ultimate collection, a limited vinyl print of The Order’s soundtrack was also recently announced.

What do you think of The Order’s art-book? Are you one of the few that grabbed a copy while they were available? Let us know in the comments.

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