My first 44 minutes in Bloodborne included a lot of running away, a bunch of fearing what was next, and a whole lot of dying.

But in that same amount of time that I was floundering around in the game, YouTube user Oginam_tv completed the entire game in one speed run of specifically 40 minutes and 17 seconds of in-game time.

The latest game by From Software is huge and can take at least 40 hours to complete, so how did he do it? While he did capitalize on a few glitches such as duplicating the items his character was holding as well as skipping a large portion of the game, it’s still an incredible feat to tackle even half of the game in less than an hour as seen below.

If you weren’t feeling bad about yourself before while playing, this might just do it. How do you feel about it? Does it count with all the glitches he used?

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