Titanfall 2 has been confirmed today by Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella. Zampella told IGN earlier today in an interview before the BAFTA  game awards that the game does exist and that it will be multiplatform, there is currently no name for the work in progress.

The COO of Respawn, Dusty Welch, also said in the interview that if they could change anything about the original game they would make it multiplatform. Zampella explained this by adding that without a platform there could be no game so platform was very important to the team, though Welch commented that the exclusivity was a business decision.

The studio is also looking at changing their DLC policy after the recent release of the game Evolve and how the developers are dealing with the DLC. Instead of purchasing maps Respawn is considering having free maps to ensure the community is no split again and to make matchmaking much easier. However this is only being considered and there has been no confirmation that any DLC maps for the future game will be free downloads, they certainly want to do something different for the next time according to Zampella. It will be interesting to see how the approach the developers of Evolve are taking will influence other developers as well.

Yesterday all map packs for Titanfall were made free for all players so everyone is able to play together without map limitations, this is something players are appreciating though those who had bought the map packs are not as pleased.


Who’s looking forward for a second Titanfall? I know I am!


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