I love it when I manage to stumble across a game that I knew nothing about but instantly connect with, the trailer for Toren is my latest discovery. Due out on Steam on 12th May Toren is the first title from Brazilian indie developer, Swordtales and the trailer is definitely worth checking out if fantasy adventures are your thing. The look and feel of the game instantly remind me of Ico while the gameplay also puts me in mind of games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a personal favourite of mine. Have a look at the trailer below.

The mystical tower of Toren reaches high into the heavens and, playing as Moonchild, you must “solve puzzles and battle monsters as you struggle to reach the top of this beautiful but treacherous environment, driven by the will to find your freedom.” As you progress through the game Moonchild will grow from a child into an adult and the mechanics of the game will grow with her providing new challenges and new abilities to counter them. Also players can collect pieces of poetry as they move through the game that tell the story of the tower of Toren and reveal more about the story.

Toren has already picked up recognition for design art at Brasil Game Show and IndiePub and has picked up an Honorable Mention at Independent Games Festival. Hopefully just the beginning for this beautiful looking adventure.

This is less of a news piece and more like me just telling you what game I want next but if you enjoy indie fantasy adventures set in beautiful worlds with interesting game mechanics then Toren might be right up your street. It’s available for pre order on Steam right now with 10% off at £6.99 with a deluxe edition that comes with a soundtrack at £8.99.

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