Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS4 is getting purchasable Advanced Supply Drops (ASD) beginning tomorrow, April 7. The announcement was made via an image tweeted out by Michael Condrey.

The Advanced Supply Drops, which are already available for Xbox One players, are purchasable in the store and contain three loot items designed to increase your armor and customize your operator. Each item can also be redeemed for XP.

Each supply drop will cost $1.99, or you can buy a bundle of three for $5.99. If you purchase the bundle of five for $9.99, you’re awarded a bonus drop (18 items in all) and if you feel like spending even more, you can pay $19.99 for a bundle of 10 drops, which includes 3 bonus drops, or $39.99 for a bundle of 20 drops, which includes eight bonus drops.

Some fans are against the drops however since they give you a slight edge over plays in combat, suggesting a very mild form of a pay-to-win model of sorts. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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