With all the hullabaloo of Capcom’s dog parody for the next entry for the Ace Attorney series, Dai Gyakuten Saiban: I had totally missed a trailer that came out only for the Japanese version of the latest Nintendo Direct!

A very dedicated person has subbed the trailer to the best of his abilities and I highly recommend checking it out right here!

By the looks of it, our new iteration of Mr. Wright will be faced with coming to grips with English law; which is exciting because the previous entries into the game used a very weird legal system. Ace Attorney 4 started the introduction of the jury system at the end: And it looks like this game will establish the jury system right off the bat. In this English vs Japanese system clash, Mr. Wright with his assistant will be meeting up with Sherlock and ‘Watson’ which is what I naturally expect to have happened if the legal system is suppose to be set in England.

The newly introduced prosecutor “The God of Death” gives me the creepy vibe that Manfred von Karma did back in Ace Attorney; and I am loving it! I can’t wait! Also speaking of prosecutor, it looks likes the prosecutor punching bag is back! I think I saw an older generation to the Payne family! Knew that guys family gets around.

The cast of characters, especially on the jury looks extremely colorful and I can not wait for the games release! I’m very excited to see that they’ve polished the 3D style in the latest released Ace Attorney game, and am equally excited to hear the voice acting here. I actually enjoyed the voice acting for Ace Attorney 5!

Dai Gyakuten Saiban is slated for a July 9th, 2015 release to the 3DS in Japan. Here’s hoping for a quick localization over to our waters!

Also that birth of the Objection was… incredible.

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