Dark Souls 2 has been afflicted by a terrible bug ever since it’s release day, having a higher frame rate caused weapons to have a much lower durability than they should. It would seem that weapon durability is based on frame rate meaning that those high FPS were being punished for it and those with low FPS were rewarded by the game.

This bug was mostly a PC issue however it’s been affecting every version of Scholar of the First Sin which was recently released. Previously the bug has been ignored and has not been dealt with by the developers  and it’s only served to frustrate players by making the game more difficult.

However it has finally been confirmed that the bug will be fixed. A Bandai Namco representative told Kotaku that “The fix will be issued for PS4, Steam and Xbox One and will be apparent for people running the game at 60fps as the durability decrease is linked to frame rate”.

This, of course, is brilliant news for Dark Souls players who have been suffering from the bug. It’s also been confirmed that more issues will be fixed and that a date will be given for the fixes as as soon as possible. Dark Souls will finally become more playable at a higher frame rate and hopefully this will bring old players back to the series.

However there has been no comment yet on what version(s) of the game will get the fix though one would assume both games will be getting the fix as that would make more sense. For PC users this has never been as large of an issue due to the availability and potential of mods that would remove the bug, for console users however the game would be much harder without a fix.


Have you experienced the Dark Souls weapon durability bug first hand? Let us know what happened and if you’re looking forward to the fix in the comments!

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