New screenshots of the munitions power, out now on PS3 and PS4, have been released of DCU Online showing off some pretty big guns.  Come check them out.

With the ever expanding DCU Online giving us more on top of Amazon’s Fury now we have a new power and some big guns added to the arsenal.

These appear to be catering towards those who weren’t satisfied with the pistols and rifles given to players at the character creation.  These three screenshots show characters getting their hands on some really big guns and using them to full effect against Brainiac’s minions and the other mobs in the game.

Writing on the US Playstation blog Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director of DCUO wrote:

“Munitions is an extremely fun power to play as well. It is highly mobile — probably one of the most mobile powers in the game to date — which translates to an always moving, always aware run-and-gun style of play. You’re free to move around while you lay down massive barrages of fire. Look for the Rocket Jump abilities, which add a new dimension to DCUO gameplay by allowing you to attack and reposition yourself with tremendous speed and agility.”



Are you a huge DCU fan?  Will you be experimenting with these new weapons and powers?  Let us know in the comments below.

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