Following closely behind the confirmation that the expansion will release on May 19th, a prologue trailer has landed, giving us solid details on just what we will be doing when the expansion does arrive.

The second piece of DLC content for Destiny, House of Wolves is set to feature a new hub space, the Reef, new weapons and armor, and follow a story surrounding the playable race of the Awoken, their queen, and their fight against the Fallen.

In the core game, players found the Awoken queen to have a strange alliance with the Fallen, one of the main enemies in the game. As can be seen in the trailer, that alliance has ended poorly, the queen now more wrathful than ever.

The expansion is currently $19.99 on its own, or is included in the Destiny’s expansion pass. Is this trailer enough to whet your appetite? If you’ve stopped playing Destiny, is this enough to make you jump back in? Let us know in the comments.

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