Don’t Starve Together is the separate multiplayer version of Don’t Starve; the survival-sim was released in 2013 and the Reign of Giants DLC was added in 2014 however the developers are still working on the game. Don’t Starve Together is currently in open alpha for PC users via steam.

Don’t Starve together has now received a large amount of content from the Reign of Giants DLC. Renowned characters from the DLC such as Webber and Wigfried have now been added to the list of available characters.

New seasons have been added to the game to increase difficulty, add new features and new enemies to deal with. Summer and Spring have finally been added to the game bringing heavy rain in Spring and dehydration in Summer; on top of this, each season has a special giant hulking around the map.

Two new biomes to explore have also been added; the Desert and Deciduous forest both of which have new items and enemies to fend off in the struggle to survive.

On top of this there are some minor changes involving livestock needing food, adding the trouble of food spoilage and allowing wooden structures to finally catch on fire; all of which will be troublesome to users who exploited these loopholes in their effort to survive for as long as possible.

The DLC was also changed slightly to fit the multiplayer more. Changes include: more frequent giants, slower fire and a device with an emergency mode to detect when too many things are on fire.

While the new addition is sure to be great for it’s players they will need to generate a new world for the new additions to be seen; no additions will be seen on the current world saves though saves are in fact transferable.

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