Last month it was announced that the BBC would be developing a television drama about the creation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but one developer of the original GTA game has voiced his apprehensions about the project.

The movie, set to begin shooting April 20, is based on author David Kushner’s 2012 book, Jacked: The Outlaw Story of  Grand Theft Auto, according to Hollywood Reporter.  It is being directed by Owen Harris and Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to star as David Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games.

Speaking to Gamesradar, Steve Hammond, who worked as a writer on Grand Theft Auto for developer DMA Design, said, “I find it quite telling that no-one from DMA I’ve spoken to so far seems to know anything about it. With Rockstar’s famous reticence to talk to anyone, that makes the only behind the scenes source David Kushner’s book Jacked, which frankly has me a bit worried.”

“Some of the DMA people had a large Facebook chat about it and my favourite quote was ‘Well, they got the fact of GTA’s existence correct.'” Hammond said, “My prediction is that the DMA Design part of the story will be an opening text crawl before the main credits, then skipping directly to GTA III.”

Hammond went on to say that creating the game was a large amount of fixing bugs, which wouldn’t make for good television and that “there wasn’t a single defined moment when GTA came into being.”

Do you believe the upcoming film will portray the creation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise accurately or do you believe Steve Hammond is correct in having his doubts?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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