Last year, Blizzard made Hearthstone, their addictive card game available to play on the go on iPad devices. As of today, they’ve finally released Hearthstone on mobile devices.

One of the arguably the biggest recent card games to come out in the last year has seen a huge following and the fact it’s become available for other devices in incredible; especially since it’s cross platform playable. Being able to cater to even more players is a very wise decision and I know, I’d rather just tap an app to open up Hearthstone on my phone rather than having to open up the Blizzard launcher and wait in order to play Hearthstone.

One of our editors Sean Timm had given game a try on his phone and reported that after one match he had lost approximately 10% of his battery. It’s no surprise that this game would consume a hefty amount of energy; so it’s worth suggesting if you intend to play this on the go for an extended period of time, you’d best have a way to charge it soon!

Also as a way to welcome players to the mobile iteration of Hearthstone, Blizzard is offering a complimentary card pack when you start up the game.

It’ll be fun watching people play Hearthstone on their phones on trains everywhere; it’s definitely a good way to meet fellow addicts!

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