Omega Quintet is a hybrid RPG/idol simulator developed by Compile Heart.  The game is being released today by publisher Idea Factory, and let me just say that this game looks… interesting to say the least.

After being consumed by a phenomenon called Blare, about twenty thousand  humans remain in the world.  The only hope left for humanity is a group of five girls called the “Verse Maidens”.  Along with their manager, Takt, these five girls (Otoha, Kyouka, Kanadeko, Nene, and Aria) will have to use their weapons of sound to give the performance of their lives and save what’s left of humanity.

If the idea of five cutesy anime girls saving the world through music doesn’t get you pumped up, well then I would guess this game isn’t for you.  If it does get you pumped up, then welcome to the club!  I hope you’ve been practicing, because the world’s best –and possibly last– show is about to begin!

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Visit the official Omega Quintet website


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