Lately, Nintendo has been very open about info regrading Splatoon. We’ve been receiving information on game modes, amiibo functions, and now we learned about the Battle Dojo and Shopkeepers.


You need access to the internet in order to customize your character. Nintendo plans to add clothing and gear over time to keep the game fresh. Single player mode has its own sets of gear that you can collect, with no link between the single-player and multi-player gear. You won’t be able to unlock all the equipment in single-player mode and then go online and obliterate everyone in your path. You’ll have to earn the gear on both modes.

Battle Dojo

The Battle Dojo is a 1-0n-1 offline experience. You and a friend run around, popping balloons to determine the winner. The player with the highest score at the end of five minutes wins the round. Don’t fret, point values double towards the end of the round.


Within the city of Inkopoli there is a giant amiibo box where players can approach the box and scan in their amiibo to be granted a unique challenge.Each of these challenges award various amounts of gold and amiibo-only equipment once completed.

What do you think of these announcements? Is Splatoon living up to your expectations so far?

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