Mortal Kombat X has had the biggest launch than any other Mortal Kombat game before it, according to the series creator.

Ed Boon revealed the news over Twitter, thanking fans and the dev team, whom he said is hard at work on fixing the issues some players are having with connectivity.

“Thank you everyone for making Mortal Kombat X the biggest launch in MK history. You made the game FAR exceed our wildest expectations,” he began. “The Mobile & console games have had literally millions of players getting online in a really short period of time, hitting our servers HARD!

“We love that so many players want to play MKX and are working (like mad) on all the issues some of you are experiencing! We WILL fix them!”

Did you get Mortal Kombat X at launch? If so, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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