Loaded with a ton of gameplay footage, the new trailer released today for Mad Max shows off exploration, scavenging, car customization, car combat, and melee combat. Featuring an open world, your goal in Mad Max is elegant and brutal in its simplicity: survive. Stripped of everything, the player must build up Max’s resources, alliances, and gear, facing down the worst the Wasteland has to offer.

While the combat system looks to be similar to that of the Arkham games, throwing you against groups of enemies, Mad Max has always been about the cars. The few glimpses of car customization we get show a good array of options, starting with the basic body and going from there through ramming grills, armor, engines, and tires.

As you collect certain resources you will be able to upgrade your vehicle as you go, a total of ten stats visible on the right, each affected differently by each car part. Special effects such as “Increase ramming power by 10%. Reduce head on collision damage by 10%” for a tussle bar, can be seen on the left. A similar system is shown for Max’s gear itself.

Mad Max is set to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 1st in North America, September 4th in the Europe. What do you think of the Mad Max game? Suddenly excited for it, or are you still not sure? Let us know in the comments.

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