OreLight has just launched on Steam Greenlight, it will be available for PC, Mac and Linux on launch with consoles as a future goal.  The open world dungeon crawling RPG will feature crafting, mining, base building and the potential for lots of backstabbing.

OreLight launches onto Steam Greenlight with the promise of a host of features to make this game stand out from the avalanche of crafting and building games which have flooded the indie game market since Minecraft.

OreLight promises that everything in the world can be dug up, replaced and moved.  Buildings as simple as a small hut are possible as are something as complex as a large stately castle to an entire city.

The worlds or OreLight will be split into areas, each procedurally generated.  These will feature dungeons, forests, camps, enemies and many other “Oresome” features according to the game.

The playstyle of OreLight will be dictated by the player.  Mages, archers, sword wielding barbarians, a king, a peasant, a robot, it all seems possible with armor you can mix up to play as you see fit.

The AI in OreLight is one of the more in depth features of the game. The AI will engage the player in conversation in some cases, or have conversation with other NPC minions.  They’ll be smart enough to know when they’re beaten or think they have a shot at nabbing your goodies.  The AI is a key part of the game, but it was built for multiplayer.  So many player and AI swords could be thrusting your way if you’re not careful.

Are you excited for OreLight?  Do you think we need more crafting games?  Let us know in the comments below.

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