The sequel to Titanfall, developed by Respawn Entertainment, is getting a much larger development team to work on it than it’s predecessor.

The game has nearly 30 percent more workers on the team for the game according to Respawn recruiting manager Kristin Christopher, who revealed that Titanfall 2’s team reaches 90 workers, while the original had around 70.

“Although we make triple-A games, our teams are on the smaller side compared to other triple-A developers,” Christopher told Develop. “We had about 70 developers on the original Titanfall and we currently have about 90 working on the sequel. We expect our new team to grow to a similar size. We offer the appeal of an indie studio where there is a chance to make your mark, combined with the opportunity for blockbuster-level success.”

Titanfall 2 is rumored to have a full single-player campaign, in contrast to the original. It’s also expected to launch across Xbox One, PS4 and PC, where the original was exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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