As you may or may not know, a few days ago during a Zelda symphony in Germany, many people streetpassed someone who allegedly played Twilight Princess 3D. As it turned out , the person who supposedly was playing that game modified his system to get it to display to other people that he was playing said game.

So this person was just tricking us, no big deal right? It happens sometimes. But Nintendo is taking it a bit far. Reports are popping up stating that anyone who streetpassed the hacker and then tried to view the alleged game on the eShop have been banned from online features.

Nintendo has yet to release a public statement on this ban and something like this can up to many weeks before it is resolved. And who knows, Nintendo might not even restore online features to those who have been banned.

It goes to show you that a prank can go to far. These people didn’t know Twilight Princess 3D was a fake, but now they’re being punished. What do you think about this?


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