Project X Zone 2 had been announced at Bandai Namco’s Global Gamer Day event in Las Vegas. It’ll be a 3DS exclusive title just like its predecessor.

Project X Zone came out roughly two years ago and it was a collaborative effort between Capcom, Bandai Namco and Sega. The game was also a 3DS exclusive game and it received mix reviews.  Project X Zone was a fan service title for fans of each company; and was amazing fun. That said, the game suffered from drawn out rounds that quickly made a lot of people grow weary of the grind.

Hopefully Project X Zone 2 remedies this. The representative characters are amazing; ranging from Devil May Cry’s Dante and Vergil, Strider, Leon Kennedy, Jin and even newcomer Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza fame! I’m personally a fan of all the revealed characters so far; there’s way more then what I’ve mentioned.

Images courtesy of Destructoid’s post

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