Steam’s new ability for Mod creators to sell their mod has set forth waves of controversy; and fuel has just been dumped all over the flames.

Creator of a fishing mod in Skyrim; Chesko, has complied and taken off his mod off of the workshop and given refunds after being called out for utilizing assets from a mod belonging to another mod developer; fore06151. The developer of the ‘Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim’ mod had straight out stated he is completely against paying for mods as it’s the “end of a working and inventive modding community.”


Prior to pulling his mod off of the shop, Chesko states that while under NDA, he could not discuss and prevent this. He was also told by Steam that as long as it’s seperate and free it was okay.stolenmod2-620xI’m willing to give Chesko the benefit of the doubt and say his intentions were not malicious. He was misinformed and it caused this issue to come up. That said, this is a fairly big case against the new system Steam had implemented.

I honestly believe Steam had played a bad card in their hands; the division created in cases like these could be way worse than what they expected. I’m not exactly sure if it’s Steam that was pushing for this feature or Bethesda considering the division in revenue. Whoever pushed it made a grave mistake; and this might be irreversible unless there is a mass refund.




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