Splatoon is coming to Wii U rather soon – arriving May 29 – but players can expect more to the game in the future than just what is included on the disc.

Nintendo and Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami has confirmed that the team developing the ink-shooter game has plans for additional content to be released after the game launches.

“We can’t go into a lot of detail on that today, but we do have some plans to follow up with content to keep interest in the game post-launch,” Nogami said. “We on the development team are thinking of the launch as a first step of sorts. We hope to add to that in terms of content, and even to the degree that we’re hoping that this will become a franchise that Nintendo can be proud of.”

Splatoon features a large multiplayer mode, so new maps and gear are both possible features for future content. If you’re interested in Splatoon, let us know below, and check out the newest Wii U bundle highlighting the game.

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