A quick pre-order of Batman: Arkham Knight in the PlayStation store comes with more than just a future download of the game. Players also get an immediate download of the Batman: Arkham Knight theme for their PlayStation 4 at no extra cost.

A preview of the theme can be seen below in a video uploaded from YouTube user Knightmare413.

The theme shows a static version of the bat symbol, outlined in fire when perusing the main row of icons on the home screen. The image of the bat himself from the cover of the game appears when you move up to the top row. No sound or music changes seem to have been added or adjusted when the theme is installed.

Batman: Arkham Knight, which is now coming June 23, was recently announced to be featured in a few new PS4 bundles, including a gorgeous, steel limited edition.

Is this theme enough to get you to pre-order Arkham Knight in the PlayStation store?

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