Now that the Witcher 3 has gone gold, the next question to ask is how much space will the game take up so players can begin pre-loading the game to their systems. For those that plan on purchasing the game digitally, the Witcher 3 will take up 35GB on PS4 and 24GB on Xbox One.

In a more lighter note for those of you may have slower internet connection speeds (we’ll pray for you), you’ll get a ten percent discount for pre-ordering the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from the PlayStation store. This slashes the game’s price from $60 to $54.

Purchasing the game through the store will also give you a few extra hours to play the title before anyone else. Wild Hunt will be playable for digital purchasers from 4PM PDT/ 7PM EDT on the 18th May, compared to when the game officially launches on the 19th.

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