The World War One first person shooter Verdun has been officially released on Steam, leaving Early Access.  New players looking to purchase the game can enjoy a 10% discount off the title.

The full release of Verdun has surprised players with a new sector to the Western Front being released to them, the map of Aisne.  Verdun is the first realistic World War One shooter experience and aims to capture the brutal and terrifying conditions that plagued soldiers in the war.  The intense trench warfare makes for magnificent immersion as squads battle it out in offensive and defensive battles all across the Western Front.

The new map of Aisne represents a significant portion of the Western Front.  It was held by the French throughout most of the war and presents something of a difference in setting.  The environment remains untouched by the plagues of war and features a lot of greenery, something the game has yet to tackle.

Jos Hoebe, co-producer of Verdun says;  “Early Access gave us the opportunity to build up a community and in turn realize the potential of our game together with them. This is what we could only dream of and we’re very grateful for the players that stuck by us during the development process.”


The developers aren’t finished with Verdun just yet.  There are more free thematic expansions soon to follow, of which a few are revealed today.

Belgium and American troops will be added to the Entente and more special German troops are coming for the Central Powers.  For more details check out the following road map of what is still to come.

What do you think of Verdun?  Is the First World War a good setting?  Let us know in the comments below.


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