It’s not very often that we get news regarding Xbox 360 system updates these days since Microsoft’s focus has naturally shifted largely onto its latest and greatest platform, the Xbox One.

Nevertheless, a recent post over on Major Nelson’s blog has detailed an Xbox 360 system update that is now available to members of the Xbox Preview Program. According to Major Nelson, one of the most requested features for the Xbox 360 has been support for larger external storage, so that’s what they’ve gone ahead and done.

Xbox 360 Preview Program members can now use 2TB of hard drives to store Xbox 360 date – what this essentially means is that you’ll have more space to store your game saves externally. Those of you who aren’t part of the Preview Program will receive the update at some point later in 2015.

Not only is it encouraging to see Microsoft take customer feedback so seriously as of late, but it is also nice to see them incorporating requested changes on an older system that is spending most of its time out of the limelight right now. Here’s to more of the same in the future.

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