Today Nintendo held a Direct presentation featuring upcoming JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X. During the presentation, it was announced that the game’s entire massive map will available from the start.

Players will be able to explore Xenoblade Chronicles X’s massive open-world from the beginning. Nintendo revealed that the world will be 5 times bigger than the original Xenobalde Chronicles, and will be explorable from the start. Nintendo did warn, however, that enemies in some parts of the world are too powerful at first, and will kill players who are not ready. However, players do not have to venture into the world alone, as the game supports up to four players online.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature five continents for players to explore. Gamers start in an area called Primordia, and are able to go onto the forest-filled Noctilum. From there, they can go into Oblivia, and the white trees of Sylvalum. Finally, they can venture into Cauldros, which is known as the continent of Black Steel.

Xeneoblade Chronicles X releases in Japan on April 29th. The game is confirmed to be coming overseas, but there is no definitive release date at the moment.

What do you think of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s massive world? Sound out below.

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