Splatoon co-directors Yusuke Amano and Tsubasa Sakaguchi recently spoke with Edge (via Nintendo Everything) about their upcoming game and how it came to be.

The two talked about a 2013 prototype of Splatoon that consisted only of ‘basic block characters and the ink painting mechanic.’  When famed video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto saw the prototype, he saw no interest in the game saying, “I don’t understand. What do you want to do? There’s no appeal to this game.”

The duo went on to say that they had an ‘epiphany’ in early January 2014.  By realizing they could switch between a human and squid form, they gained numerous ideas of how to better implement ink within the game’s action.  These ideas included things such as allowing players to swim faster in their own ink, yet slower in enemy ink, and even swimming up walls.

When asked about the Splatoon’s lack of voice chat, Amano said the game will never feature it.  “This is coming from personal experience.” Amano said, “When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me ‘You’re crap. Go away.’ So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming.”

Amano also said that the idea to make Splatoon came from wanting to make a game that even players that aren’t fans of shooters can enjoy.

Splatoon is set to release in May 2015, exclusively for the Wii U.

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