With the anticipation for virtual reality headsets building, we can expect to see a number of great games announced rise; one of those immediately hitting the spot light is Arizona Sunshine – one of the few games that’s been confirmed for the HTC Vive headset, which uses Steam’s VR technology.

Developed by Vertigo Games, this virtual reality shooter has an zombie apocalyptic theme coupled with extreme human survival under the blistering Arizonian heat. Showcasing an intense first person shooter, with up-close and personal contact with the undead, the 33 second teaser certainly captures the element of panic inducing, especially when you consider that the action going on will be right in front of your eyes.

The HTC Vive headset and motion controllers is going to provide the most realistic handling and firing of weapons in room-scale VR. It’s going to be the kind of game that is going to take the Oculus technology and fully immerse you in what will feel like a real zombie apocalypse. Vertigo Games have got previous experience with making VR games, so we can expect decent graphics and gameplay throughout.

And admit it, we’ve all wondered what how long we would really last.

At its best, the slaughter of the undead will be far more satisfying and exciting than ever before. The developers have said that the game is built in ‘bite-sized chunks’ allowing for a quick zombie battle or an hour long genocide. At its worst… Well, you’re killing zombies. There isn’t really a down side.

Due to come out later this year, VR is feeling closer than ever before.

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