Last week, Bloodborne developers from From Software announced not only a brand new expansion for the game, but also an upcoming patch, Patch 1.04. We were given no details about either at the time of the reveal, but as of today, the patch is live on PlayStation Network and all of the details have surfaced.

Here are the big changes and updates to the game:

  • Password matching can now be done regardless of level.
  • Password matching can now be done even if registered to a different oath.
  • Quicksilver bullets and blood vials can now be stored up to 600 (the previous limit was 99) in the storage in Hunter’s Dream.
  • Weapons and hunter tools have been tweaked, it will be mostly buffs.
  • A bug of the Rifle Spear has been fixed.
  • A bug with Blood Gem Imprints has been fixed.
  • Boss rewards in the Chalice Dungeons will be improved, they will now drop blood gems randomly.
  • Chalice dungeons will now include Blood Stone Shards at Depth 1, Twin Blood Stone Shards at Depth 2, Twin Blood Stone Shards and Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 3, Blood Stone Chunks at Depth 4 and Blood Stone Chunks and Blood Rocks at Depth 5.

The official changelog details on PSN improved game balance and various bug fixes but it looks like Bloodborne devs are doing a great job of improving their game as time passes.

For everything Bloodborne, stay tuned to Gamespresso. We cannot wait to here about the expansion details ourselves.

Source: DualShockers

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