Recently Blizzard attempted to rid the World of Warcraft of bots, honour farmers and cheats. They claimed to have banned 100,000+ accounts that were suspected of using a bot service to simulate gameplay for them and and accumulate in game honour points for them while they were away. Honorbuddy is a program that creates the bots that these cheats use and it was reported that took a huge a blow and it looked like they were going out of business.

Well, they’re back. “We will soon release Honorbuddy again,” staff member “Bossland” said in a post on the official Honorbuddy forum. “Again, we will give no guarantee and we have never given a guarantee, that our software is immune to detection or bans.” They claim that the original version of the software was detected by malware-type software, scanning computers for signs of using the Honorbuddy software.

Honorbuddy also dispute the fact that Blizzard banned 100,000 accounts stating that there have never been that many users of their software.

How do you think this news affects Warcraft? Is it a win for a small group of programmers or is it bad news for people who actually enjoy playing World of Warcraft without having their experience ruined by a cheat that renders gameplay boring and lifeless? I think I’ve made my mind up, what about you? Tell me in the comments below!

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