In April, we received patch 1.0.6 for Super Smash Bros. This patch included Buffs and Nerfs to a number of favorite Nintendo characters, including all of the Zelda characters.

Link now has an increase to Spin Attack damage both uncharged and charged, his Hylian Shield can now block lasers fired at him, and his b animation has been increased by ten frames. Not to mention that own tilt can no longer spike, knock back for this has also been reduced significantly and the dash attack’s knockback has been reduced.

Zelda’s forward smash hit angles lowered. And some changes has been made to her Phantom. Its slash now takes four seconds longer to regenerate after being destroyed, it will now stand out for 0.25 seconds longer than before, and it’s slash endlag has been greatly reduced, allowing you to launch it quicker.

Sheik’s forward aerial attack and downward tilt attack do 2% less damage now.

ToonLink’s down smash knockback has been greatly reduced on first and second hits and his Hero Shield now blocks lasers fired at him.

And finally, Ganon’s ab damage slightly increased to arms and sweet spots and his up, down and forward throw has been modified for less hitlag.

What do you think about these changes?


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