All the way back in March, Blizzard announced and showed off the handful of new units coming in StarCraft 2’s next expansion, ‘Legacy of the Void.’ Zerg and Protoss both received two new units, but the Terran army only received one, with the promise that a second was on the way. Today, the wait is over, and the promise is fulfilled as Blizzard announced the newest unit coming to the Terran army, the Liberator.

With the reveal of the Liberator on the game’s website, Senior game David Kim described the unit, saying it’s “a large, high-cost air unit that deals splash damage against its enemies in the sky. The liberator normally can’t attack ground, but it can target a specific ground area in order to deal high burst single-target damage to any unit entering that area.”

Explaining the thought process behind the new addition, Kim went on to say, “We want this unit to make the Starport more rounded along with the other changes we’re bringing into Legacy of the Void, like the banshee movement speed upgrade and the Battlecruiser Tactical Jump ability.”

The Liberator went live today in the most recent patch to the StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void beta. What do you think of the new unit? Let us know in the comments.

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