The compendium is now available for purchase in Dota 2. The compendium in an ingame ‘bundle’ that the player base can purchase in order to increase the prize pool for The International 5. So why would you purchase it? Well, much like the previous compendiums, when you purchase the compendium, you obtain a slew of bonus cosmetic items for your heroes and general game.

This year, there has been a tweak. For $9.99 (USD), you get access to the Compendium Challenges that will give you “Compendium Coins” which you can save up to purchase items or item sets. You can also purchase a level 50 compendium for $26.99 which will come with in game particle effects, a pet and a heightened coin rate plus more. Speaking of which, the $9.99 compendium does level up as you continuously play.

For those who don’t put money in for the compendium, as long as you have a teammate who has the compendium, if you help them succeed in their challenge, you net coins too!

Furthermore, as more people purchase the compendium, it unlocks stretch goals that will give additional items for owners of the compendium. The stretch goals include new cursors, a chance to vote for a new Arcana which is a unique item set that changes the entire character aesthetically, new Huds, treasure, map terrain change and much much more.

It’s a little bit different from last year granted, but it’s a fine change that keeps things interesting, it’s worth taking a look at and if you like it, give it a purchase if you’re into Dota 2! More information can be found here.

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