There is also a new dead Ghost and some Fallen enemies from the House of Wolves that were added in the update. For a guide on where to find the new dead Ghost, see here.


Original guide follows...


Leading up to Destiny‘s House of Wolves expansion, Destiny players have longed for more PvE options, and finally – after 7 long months – the Queen’s Emissary is back in the Tower on behalf of the Awoken Queen.With her, she brings a series of Bounties for the player to complete across the solar system.

What follows is a guide on completing the Queen’s Emissary Bounties within Destiny.


Preparing for the Queen’s Emissary Bounties

  • Equip Arc burn weapons – Shotguns tend to work better than Sniper Rifles, given the close-quarters nature of the event.
  • Take people with you if you can – strength in numbers.
  • Equip your best armour – most enemies are level 30.
  • You only get 10 Scorch Cannon shots – make them count.
  • If you can, try to duplicate your loot upon completion.


Who is the Queen’s Emissary?

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary

The Queen’s Emissary, known as Petra Venj, speaks on behalf of the Queen of the Awoken, whom you met briefly in The Reef during Destiny‘s story mission.

As alluded to in the story, the Queen’s Emissary carries Bounties the player has to complete in order to help the Queen. These Bounties are different to Vanguard, Crucible, and Crota’s Bane Bounties in that they each target an Fallen enemy the Queen wants hunted.

As with the Crota’s Bane Bounties, the Queen’s Emissary also stocks Emblems and Shaders players can buy after reaching a particular Rank in Queen’s Wrath reputation.


Visiting the Queen’s Emissary

As before, the Queen’s Emissary is located in the upper section of the Tower. It’s the enormous purple ship that gives it away.

When visiting the Queen’s Emissary, you’ll notice she has 6 Bounty slots, though depending on when you visit some may be greyed out. The Queen’s Emissary unlocks 1 Bounty per day, whereupon you can pick it up. Don’t worry if you can’t complete it the day of; they stack, so you can complete all of them on day 6, if you wish.

She also holds Emblems and Shaders for those who reach Rank 1 and 2, respectively. Each Bounty is worth 4500 Experience and 250 ‘Queen’s Wrath’ reputation points, so completing 4 Bounties will boost you up 1 Rank.


Completing the Bounties

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary bounties

Say you pick up a Bounty that says your Fallen target is in the Ember Caves on Venus. Your first step is to go to the location specified in the Bounty and wait (it’s unclear as to how long the wait is, but given that it’s a World Event, it can take anywhere between 2 and 15 minutes).

When the event starts, a music cue will sound, along with text on the bottom-left corner of the screen, saying “A pack of wolves is prowling”. Upon reading this, look around for Fallen Scorch Captains, and promptly fight them.

After killing the Captains, they’ll drop a new weapon called the Scorcher Cannon. This Cannon fires 10 shots, so use them wisely.

After picking up the Cannon, waves of enemies will spawn in dropships that fly overhead. Note that you can’t shoot the enemies until after they fall from the dropship.

The waves include Captains, Vandals, Dregs, invisible variants, and Servitors.

On the last wave, the target will spawn, and will be the hardest enemy to defeat. The target will vary between being a Servitor to a Captain, depending on which Bounty you collect.


Collecting the loot

This is where things start to get tricky. After defeating the target, you’ll complete the Bounty, and a timer that reads ‘Ether Key’ will appear. You now have 1 minute and 30 seconds to find the loot chest.

Below is an approximate guide as to where the chest spawns for each location so far (as of the 4th Bounty).


Forgotten Shore (Earth)

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary Forgotten shore

Skywatch (Earth)

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary Skywatch

The Citadel (Venus)

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary The Citadel

Ember Caves (Venus)

Destiny House of Wolves Queen's Emissary Ember Caves


Anchor of Light (Moon)

  • By a rock next to the building where the Servitor spawns (in the canyon section to the left, not in the main area).
  • At the bottom of the entrance to the round outpost (in the middle of the area, on top of the small building at the base of the ramp).
  • At the end of the clearing where the Walker spawns (on top of one of the buried buildings).
  • At the entrance to the Anchor of Light from the spawning area (on the left on the roof of the first building).
  • On the balcony of the first Servitor building (in the canyon section to the left, not in the main area).


Archer’s Light (Moon)


Once you find the chest you can get all sorts of rewards, from Engrams and planetary materials, to a treasure key used in the Prison of Elders.

We will continue to update this guide as the new Queen’s Emissary Bounties unlock.

Happy hunting Guardians!


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