Destiny was already an incredible game before the House of Wolves expansion arrived. From the Northern Lights in the Cosmodrome to the wonders of the Milky Way glittering in the night sky on the Moon, the developers at Bungie outdid themselves with Destiny, House of Wolves being another case in point.

When jumping into The Reef in Destiny for the first time since House of Wolves released, I was taken aback at how gorgeous the location was. I was prepared for the Fallen NPCs, and the purple colors everywhere, but I wasn’t quite as prepared for the aesthetic that fuels it.

Awoken and Fallen NPCs hustle and bustle around, Fallen ships patrol the debris-filled space beyond the Outpost, and new Guardians roam around the deck, exploring the new area.

What’s most impressive is how every detail lends itself to the lore behind Destiny – such as the Fallen input in the architecture of the Outpost (in the doors, the crates, and the tapestries) suggesting that the Fallen don’t just serve the Awoken Queen; they helped build their new home.

Though there isn’t too much to do just yet – there’s the Queen’s Emissary Bounties, the Cryptarch, and new House of Wolves vendors – the location is completely fleshed out from an aesthetic perspective.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to stop and just look. Especially at the view outside.

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