During Activision’s earnings report, the publisher announced that Destiny now has more than 20 million registered players, up from the 16 million that were announced in February. According to Activision, active players are spending around 3 hours in the Destiny universe every day, slightly down from what was reported a quarter ago. Activision also stated seeing “increased digital game and expansion sales,” but no specific numbers were given at the time.

During their report, Activision also hinted toward continued support of Destiny with new content after the release of the House of Wolves expansion due later this month. This statement comes after Bungie registered a trademark for “The Taken King,” which is rumored to be another expansion set for release this fall.

More content is always nice, and the upcoming House of Wolves expansion is just around the corner, set to release on May 19th. Head to the Bungie Twitch profile for in-depth reveals of different House of Wolves content, and check out yesterday’s article on the Prison of Elders reveal.

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