After two seasons of mixed reviews, PlayStation TV show Powers has been cancelled following the Season 2 finale.

The first show exclusive to the PlayStation, Powers is Sony’s adaptation of the Marvel series of the same name, a superhero detective series. Season 2 aired its last episode on July 19th, and show co-creator Brian Michael Bendis took to Twitter with sad news.

There was a silver lining for the comic’s fans, however:

Bendis remains hopeful about the project on social media. He’s since replied to many supportive followers, most notably with:

On Instagram, Bendis had the following to say, “Though powers the tv show is no more, the experiences, relationships, and memories were everything you would ever hope to have from something like this. … I know for a fact I speak for everyone when I say thank you for supporting us and allowing us to have this experience. … The comic series will continue and for those of you who have never read it, and miss the show already, the comic is there for you in all its [splendor.]”

Powers was well-received by a core group of fans, with a 77% audience average on Rotten Tomatoes, but only a 52% critic average. If you want to see what Powers is all about, it’s available for free to PlayStation Plus users, and you can follow along with Gamespresso’s review of each and every episode, starting from the pilot.

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