Bungie’s latest Destiny patch, which rolled out last night in preparation for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, included many welcome changes, such as the re-introduction of the Queen’s Emissary Bounties and a variety of fixes across the game.

As with many Destiny patches, however, it hasn’t taken players all that long to discover a potentially game-changing glitch in the system.

The Queen’s Emissary Bounties involve a new loot system in which players must eliminate the target, and then find a loot chest within the allotted time (1 minute 30 seconds). Depending on the world, the chest can spawn in a number of different locations around the area where the Event took place. The glitch occurs when players find the chest.

Upon opening the chest, players can receive anything from engrams and planetary materials to a Treasure Key for the Prison of Elders. They can then race as fast as they can to the next area, turn right back around, and collect a second lot of rewards from the same chest. As long as the timer is still going, you’ll get the extra rewards.

Skip to around 1:00 for the duplication process.

This exploit is definitely one of the more player-beneficial exploits of Destiny, especially when it guarantees at least twice the amount of normal loot.

We expect Bungie to patch this over the coming days, but for now you can enjoy the ridiculous amount of loot you’ll get during every Bounty.

Check out our guide to the Queen’s Emissary Bounties here, and find where to find the House of Wolves’ newest dead Ghost here.

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