Destructive Creations studio just released an announcement that they are “closing the preorders website Today, on May 25th” and it will no longer be possible to preorder their game Hatred. For all the readers out there who have missed the hype train on this game, Hatred is an isometric perspective shooter in which the player is a mass-murdering villain who hates humanity. The game got a lot of flack back in December and was even removed from Steam Greenlight for some time due to it’s graphically violent nature before overlord of all Gabe Newell put it back up with an apology.
Now I personally will never recommend preordering a game simply because of the principle of paying for something that you don’t yet have (and because I never will again after the Duke Nukem Forever fiasco), but for those of you who did preorder Hatred there is some good news for you! Destructive Creations has announced that anyone who preordered their game is going to be able to play it 3 whole days before it is released to the public! That’s right on May 29th if you preordered the game you’ll be able to pick up your Steam code and play your heart out.

Unfortunately for those who dislike Steam, the game developers have said that GOG refused to distribute their game for reasons undisclosed and so Steam will be the sole distributor of this gorefest. Along with this announcement they released Screenshots that can be found below!
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