EA announced today that they will be offering cross-buy on their first paid downloadable content for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Jaws of Hakkon, now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 will allow you to purchase the content once and access it on consoles in the same family.

From what EA has said, players are able to purchase the DLC on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and download the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions, respectively, free of charge.

It is interesting to note that EA has made no mention of if buying the current-gen versions will give players the past-gen DLC for free as well. The info-graphic, provided by EA, makes it seem as if this is purely a “free upgrade” rather than a true cross-buy structure.

EA also stresses the point that this upgrade/cross-buy is for the DLC only and a separate copy of the game will need to be purchased.

It would be interesting to see how many players actually take advantage of this offer since a new copy of the game must be purchased for your corresponding console family.  Regardless of how practical something like this is to the general public, it is a most welcome gesture on EA’s part.

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