Yesterday, a Japanese gaming magazine named Famitsu posted their May 28 weekly magazine days in advance and featured the new Fire Emblem game. Now this title says what it says so let’s jump right into the news.

This new mode is called Phoenix Mode and where characters who die are resurrected the very next turn. This mode is another selection along with casual mode where players who die come back after the battle ends and classic mode where characters who die are gone for good. This mode is intended for players who are probably new to tactical RPG’s and who have a hard time even in casual mode.

The new Fire Emblem game features 9 total save files, so players can have a variety of difficulties and modes. Each time you start a new campaign, it says that it will add 3 extra routes.

One change that was already announced is the removal of weapon durability which was mentioned.

Another enhancement was the dual/pair up features from Fire Emblem: Awakening, but now a new feature allows two stances: either an attack stance or a guard stance. These stances occur when a unit you control is attacking or defending. The characters now have a “shield” gauge which most likely effects guard stances.

This magazine article also shows avatar customization and includes a few new things like 27 new hair colors instead of 20, facial features and hair accessories. By default, the avatars starting class is Dark Prince/Princess.

Now let’s not forget the two kingdoms: Hoshido and Nohr. Aqua, the blue haired women is possibly in a similar position as the avatar. According to the magazine, she is the princess of Nohr taken prisoner by Hoshido where as the Avatar is the prince/princess of Hoshido raised by Nohr.

This articles also features some characters (8 to be exact) and they are all related to the avatar (adopted if on the Nohr side).

On the Nohr side, we have Marx a Paladin, Camilla a Revenant Knight, Leon a Dark Knight, and Elise a Rod Knight.

On the Hoshido side we have Ryouma who is not on screen, Hinoka a Pegasus Warrior, Takumi a Bowman, and Sakura a Priestess

This is a lot of new for the next Fire Emblem game so who knows what the final product will end up being.

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