To celebrate 1 million copies of Monster Hunter sold, Nintendo has pulled out of their coffers to make a new 3DS theme for Monster Hunter which will make weapon lovers giddy with happiness.


The theme is called “Hunter’s Weapon Gallery” and is currently available for residents of the US and Europe. Not quite for Australia/Oceanic sadly and awaiting response from Nintendo on the matter. Needless to say it wouldn’t hurt giving the Aussies some love too!

It is unclear whether or not this will have limited availability like the Theme that came with the digital copy of Monster Hunter. Also you don’t need to have Monster Hunter 4U to get it.

The love Capcom is pouring into Monster Hunter for constant content in the form of free DLC or small stuff like this is quite a pleasant change and goodwill spreads from doing stuff like that. Keep on keeping on Capcom, let’s do our best yes?

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