I ask you this, who doesn’t love a freebie? I know I love a freebie, especially when it comes down to free games, free games that are actually good. Now each week I will be here, show casing either terrible freebies, or in some cases, the amazing freebies that are so worth playing. This week I’m showcasing in our very first episode, Heroes & Generals.

Heroes & Generals is a greenlit MMOFPS for PC, developed and published by Reto-Moto. It is a huge World War Two based game. You start off with three soldiers, the lowest of the low, each soldier is either an American, Russian or German, from there you’re thrusted straight into a staged battle for war, think of this as a tutorial as you try and get up to the third rank. You’ll see thee fundamentals of the game, the typical taking over points that we’re so used to doing. As you rank up, you earn the ability to buy certain new pieces of equipment, as you use pieces of equipment, you earn the ability to use even better equipment. For you lazy people, there is also a cash shop, you buy gold, then you buy the items in the store and then sort it all out to your loadouts.

The combat itself can be.. not that fluid, however it is so easy to die on this, there’s something about this game that made me want to stick to it and play, usually the hilarious ragdoll physics from explosions, but I’m easily entertained. The main part of the game, when it begins to really come into itself, is the war mode. War mode brings you up into a HUGE map of Europe, and depending on what side you pick, you fight in the war, for that side and you pick the destination on the map where you fight, there you take over places and it’ll continue doing that as an ongoing war rages on. It’s so entertaining, it reminds me of MAG on PS3 but better.

It’s a free to play, on steam, easy to download, easy to set up, take a chance and take a look at it.

Also visit their website for more info; https://www.heroesandgenerals.com

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