Today Google has announced  Google Cast technologies, a new way to make better-looking games on TV.

The new API’s that are a part of  Google Cast allows users to project content from phones, tablets and laptops to compatible TVs or speakers.  Google Cast will be compatible with  Chromecast, standalone TVs and third-party devices, and Android TVs.

There will also be  Google Cast Game Manager,  which is designed to simplify development for multiplayer games.  Cast Game Manager for Android, Chrome, iOS, Chrome and receivers. Developers will be able to send stat changes and messages to connected devices.

Google will also introduce the beta form of Remote Display APIs.This will  “bring graphically intensive apps or games to Google Cast receivers with Google Cast Remote Display APIs for Android and iOS.” Both iOS and Android send audio and video to the hardware and the API will include hooks for OpenGL ES and Apple’s Metal graphics technology “to help integrating Remote Display with existing rendering code.”

Seems like a step in the right correction to me, what do you think?


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