After the recent bans, as we covered so far, Daybreak Game Company decided to give cheaters from their game H1Z1 a second chance, providing they release a public YouTube Apology.

Surprisingly, or on the other hand unsurprisingly, three apology videos have actually been made. All three of these players are having their bans lifted as well.

Smedley went on Reddit to say, “so far we’ve unbanned three people out of 30k we’ve now banned. One of which is probably about to get re-banned for taking his video private”  he added “I want to make sure it’s clear there are consequences for cheating. You don’t just get to make a video and get unbanned. This is a very limited time thing to try and raise awareness of what’s actually going on,” he went on to say “You may say there clearly aren’t consequences if you are unbanning people. Let’s get back to the part where I said we’ve unbanned three people. If these videos go far and wide and it elevates the importance of getting rid of the cheaters in PC gaming, I feel it’s an excellent trade.”

There are links to the three videos exploding everywhere all over the internet. All three apologize directly the the players, as they were instructed to do.

For a couple of hours being live, having only three videos is sad. It means that in a certain sense all of these hackers don’t feel that they have done anything wrong. I think that is exactly what Smedley is getting at. Maybe seeing other players publicly apologizing, and as far as I can see, generally feeling bad about it, might do something to the community. I’m really hoping that more players take this chance, especially the younger ones and realize that this is a learning experience that does not come around often.

I remember the few times I played H1Z1 hackers made it almost impossible to keep playing. Even if they don’t repent themselves, having less hackers will overall make this game better.

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