Lost Dimension is an upcoming JRPG from developer Lancarse and publisher Atlus. A few trailers showing off the game’s characters have already released, and now a new one is introducing us to two more characters: Mana and George.

The two newest characters being showcased in a trailer are Mana and George. The two of them are considered the “powerhouses” of S.H.I.E.L.D., and fight with bare-fists and a katana. Mana is not afraid to run in and beat down her opponents with her fists, and can throw debris and cause earthquakes to damage those who are out of her range. George cuts down his enemies with a katana, and can amplify his damage through psychometry.

In Lost Dimension, you play as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., a secret service group trying to stop a villain named The End. However, there are traitors on your team, who will try to stop you from completing your mission. Players must weed out the traitors and eliminate them, but must be careful to not pick out their innocent teammates.

Lost Dimension will release in North America on July 28th, and in Europe on August 28th. The game will be available for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. You can check out a trailer for Agito, Marco, and Nagi here.

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