League of Legends is updating the Riot store in the game launcher with new bundles and a chance to snag a Mystery skin as well as the ever elusive Mystery Chest, which is back permanently in the Gifting Centre.

Everyone’s favourite thing is back: Self mystery gifting! From now until May 27th 23:59 p.m, you can gift yourself a Mystery Chest which will guarantee you a Mystery skin worth 975 RP or more. Mystery Chests will cost 750 RP. If you want to grab a traditional Mystery skin for yourself instead, you can do so. They cost 490 RP and the skins are valued at 520 RP or more. This is only available through the 27th, as well.

There are three limited time bundles joining the store, too.

First off, we have the Support from the Depths bundle, which is sitting at the cheapest price, for 2046 RP or 4092 RP if you don’t have the champions. Skins included are River Spirit Nami, Abysmal Nautilus and Deep Terror Thresh.



Bring out your inner Mr. Roboto with the Roboticized Bundle for 2880 RP or, if you don’t own the champions, 4872 RP. Included in the bundle are PROJECT: Yasuo, Creator Viktor, Battlecast Kog’Maw and Blade Mistress Morgana.



And finally, lace up your boots for the Champion Catch-up Bundle. Sitting in the most expensive position at 3673 RP or 7083 RP if you don’t own the champions. This bundle has 5 awesome skins which are Elderwood Bard, Eternum Rek’Sai, Blood Moon Kalista, Galactic Azir and Dino Gnar.

catch up


These bundles are also only available until the 27th of May.

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