One thing that I have always hated about first-person games is the fact that you can only see your legs when you look down.  Well, guess what.  In the new first-person parkour platformer (gee that’s a mouthful) game Lemma, the player can see not only their legs, but also their arms AND body!

Along with the ability to see their whole body when they look down, players can also enjoy running through an odd voxel-esque world filled with floating platforms and abstract structures.  Lemma also tries to keep players on their toes as walls and platforms appear out of thin air as they run.

Lemma released yesterday and has a demo, so I think I might have to go ahead and try to get my hands on this.  Running around in a strange world could be quite the way to waste some time.

Want to know more?

Visit the official Lemma site!

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